The out roaring debate as to who is the best will finally be settled on Saturday, March 15 when World Boxing Council (WBC) super featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez defends his title against three-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. The bout is a rematch of their May 8, 2004 legendary battle which ended in a controversial draw. “Marquez – Pacquiao II” will be for the WBC and vacant Ring Magazine Super Featherweight World Championship. The world title bout will take place at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas beginning at 9 p.m.

To predict the outcome of the upcoming fight, several factors such as power, speed, technique and stamina, must be taken into consideration. These following factors will dictate the provable result of the match.

Based on the previous fights after that first battle, the power and strength of Pacquiao has developed tremendously. His right punch could now penetrate and even knock out an opponent, and his left punch remarkably knocked down almost all his opponents. On the other hand, Marquez may have increased his power and strength but it could hardly match Pacquiao’s. Marquez’s latter fights did not somehow show any extraordinary development in his power punches.

In terms of speed, Marquez showed in his battles with Terdsak and Jandeng and Jimrex Jaca that he has improved a lot. Pacquiao, however, should be given credit on his speed since it has emerged constantly superior in every fight he had. Thus, there is a tie in this factor between the two fighters.

In terms of technique, Pacquiao’s combination of punches cannot easily be figured out. It is more of a street fighting style with neither step-by-step procedure nor rules, but has been harnessed and polished by his trainer, Freddie Roach. This fighting style is his key to every victory in the ring and most likely a great factor to winning this upcoming match. In order to overcome this, Marquez should focus more on his defense and manage to evade every hard punch thrown against him. In Marquez’s previous fights, it can be observed that both his arms are widely open, causing a weak defense. This is detrimental to him because Pacquiao’s knockout punches are unpredictable; they come out from different directions.

In terms of regaining strength during the fight, Marquez has the lead. During his previous fight with Pacquiao, though he was knocked out three times in the first round, he was able to continue the fight and even dominated the next eleven rounds.

Consequently, the upcoming fight would be another legendary fight in the history of boxing. Pacquiao will most probably control the fight and he will make it a fascinating long fight since he perceives that boxing is a form of entertainment as influenced by his being a Filipino actor. Still, even if Pacquiao is has improved more since the first match with Marquez, a victory is not apparent though as his overconfidence might knock him down before Marquez does.








dying, in the rush to marry

October 13, 2007

While on the battle field, fighting for the beloved mother – the Philippines; while on vacation in a cruise on the tropical sea aboard a vessel full of seamen headed by a sea captain; or even while in a plane on a flight, with thunder and lightning seemingly crushing one’s life…

One is suddenly at the point of impending death and, alas, is frightened because of the impossibility of being married to the one he or she wants to end his or her life with… A wishful marriage may come true. You just have to ask your GENIE, i mean the military commander, or the sea captain, or the pilot, as the case may be. They are vested with magical authority by the New Family Code of the Philippines to solemnize marriages (Art. 7 (3) & (4) of the Family Code).

To please the GENIE, the following conditions must be present:

(a) while in the zone of a military operation –

1. the GENIE must be a military comander of a unit;

2. must be commissioned officer, at least a second lieutenant;

3. a chaplain must be assigned to such unit;

4. the said chaplain must be absent at the time of marriage;

5. the marriage must be one in articulo mortis (at least one of the parties is at the point of death); and

6. the contracting paties, whether members of the armed forces or civilians, must be within the zone of military operation.


(b) while on board a ship or a plane-

1. the marriage must be in articulo mortis;

2. the marriage must be between passengers or crew members; and

3. generally, the ship must be at sea or the plane must be on flight.

Be merry and be married (at least for the few minutes from articulo mortis to the time when death actually starts kicking in)… Untill death do us FART. heheheÜ